Things that never bore me


Wordplay, puns puns puns and especially anything involving whatever-this-is-called, like:

Coining words


Patterns in/with words.
I used to challenge myself to complete tasks like “how many words can I think up that end in ‘ii’?” or “what palindromes can I think of in 2 minutes?” or “how many words can I make out of [insert word here]” or “which words have all 5 vowels in?” or “which words have no vowels in?” – psst… I like euphoria because it has all 5 vowels in it; but I also like rhythm because it has none!

Onomatopoeia (all together now: “euphoria”… “rhythm”…)


Finding words in car registrations

Acronyms, and making my own acronyms from sentences and sentences from acronyms.


Logos, especially logos that tell a story or have an optical illusion

Optical illusions (Magic Eye anyone?)

Seeing what’s revealed in ‘negative space

Seeing faces in objects:

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